About Us

Our mission is simple! We strive to enhance our clients' lives by growing a unique membership in a tribe that shares a passion for European cars, fashion, and the lifestyle that it brings! We offer high quality clothing, car related products, and amazing events that provide our customers with a value different from and other motorsports company.

We are located in the New England area and we love nothing more than connecting people with similar passions and interests within the car community. We will be organizing various events in the area and hope to meet you all!

How we started:

The Euro Tribe was established one day after a cars and coffee event. We wanted to figure out how to make events like this better. We started off slowly partnering with a local barbershop where they gave us the opportunity to sponsor a car show at their shop. We were ecstatic to get this opportunity. We met so many great people with like-minded life attitudes and an extreme passion for cars. Through this connection we made many more friends and met other business owners. Our Instagram page grew rapidly and we finally had the following to start hosting some of our own events and create a product line for our fellow European car enthusiasts. From there we developed a membership program and many other accessories for our supporters.


Meet the Founders:

John Bienkowski -

"I am a co-founder of The Euro Tribe and have loved everything about cars since a young age. My brother and I grew up attending Limerock Park to watch the races with our parents whenever we could and both quickly grew up loving BMWs… Thanks, mom and dad. Once licensed, this love for cars turned into attending not only races, but local car meets and cruises throughout the Connecticut area. I have met some amazing people at these events, some of which I call my brothers and best friends. These experiences have brought me to this point in my life and The Euro Tribe is helping us share this unique passion with like-minded people and bringing us together as one. We hope to have you join our tribe!"

AJ Palmieri -

"I'm co-founder of The Euro Tribe and a recent college grad. I've had a passion for European cars for as long as I can remember. My first cars were a B8 A4 and a B8.5 A S-Line. My twin brother and I quickly started modifying them as soon as we could.  From there, I started attending Cars and Coffee and even launched my own car page on Instagram. 5 years later and now I have 2 B8.5 S4’s that are heavily modified. I even work at FCP Euro because I can't imagine not being surrounded by cars. Thanks for Joining our Tribe!"

Nick Czuchra -

"My passion for everything about cars started at a very young age. As a child I would spend hours playing with matchbox cars on roads drawn onto cardboard. Bringing together this passion with my interest in entrepreneurship has brought about my involvement with The Euro Tribe. Born and raised in the Northern New England state of Maine, there lacked any type of car clubs or communities. It wasn’t until 2016, when I met A.J Palmieri at Salve Regina University did I begin to explore the car community and all it has to offer."  


Photographed from Left to Right

(Nick Czuchra, AJ Palmieri, John Bienkowski, Ryan Bienkowski, Aidan Palmieri)